OST / Саундтреки

Jordan Fisher – Id Love to Change the World (OST When We Rise)
Austin McKenzie – Thinking of You (OST When We Rise)
Chris Bacon & Danny Elfman – When We Rise Suite (OST When We Rise)
Christine Aprile ft. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein – Good Times (OST When We Rise)
Чадов – Не страшно (OST Дело чести)
Eminem ft. Skylar Grey – Survival (OST Call of Duty Ghosts)
Sia – Helium (OST На 50 оттенков темнее)
JRY ft. Rooty – Pray (OST На Пятьдесят Оттенков Темнее)
System – Queen of the Damned (OST Королева вампиров)
Sezen Aksu – Yol Arkadasim
Мирбек Атабеков – Жаным (OST фильма ДоФа)
Nicky Jam – El Amante (OST xXx Return of Xander Cage)
Nine Chen – I really do not want to quarrel with you (OST The New World)
Scott McKenzie – San Francisco
Ingrid Michaelson – Stay Right Where You Are (OST The Space Between Us)
David Bowie – Starman (OST The Martian)
Ingrid Michaelson – Maybe (OST Следствие по телу)
OST Чемпионы 2014 – финальная
Camila Mora – Unstoppable (OST Балерина)
The Lion King – Hakuna Matata (RemixManiacs Trap rmx)
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