OST / Саундтреки

Snap – Everybody Dance Now (OST Брюс Всемогущий)
Ludacris – Act A Fool
Foy Vance – Moonshine (ft. Kacey Musgraves) OST Live by Night
Amalee – Reason Living (English vrs.) OST Bungou Stray Dogs (2 OP)
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone – City of Stars (La La Land OST)
Вокалоиды – 3 грех (Гнев)
Симфонический оркестр СССР – Музыка из фильма Холодное лето 53-го
Conduits – Top of the Hill (OST Electrick Children)
Suzy – Maybe (OST Dream High)
Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend (OST Easy A)
Skylar Grey – Dance Without You (OST Шаг вперед 4)
Yoon mirae – ALWAYS
Bassnectar ft. Lafa Taylor – Speakerbox (OST Форсаж 8)
HEIZE – Round and round (OST Токкэби Part 14)
Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone – City of Stars (OST La La Land)
Yuko Takakasi – A Cruel Angels Thesis (OST Evangelion OP)
Danny Elfman – Opening (OST Terminator 4 Salvation)
Naoki T Miwa – Change (OST Bleach 12 OP)
BBLOG – Аssasin (OST Assassin's Creed)
Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 – Back to Black (OST Великий Гетсби)
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